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Boge Air Compressor - Fox Air
Service and Maintenance
Service and Maintenance
Service and Maintenance
Service and Maintenance
Service and Maintenance
Boge C7 Transportable Compressed Air
Service and Maintenance
Fox Air - Air Compressors
Service and Maintenance
Boge C30 - SLF 30 - CLF Air Compress
Piston Compressor
Piston Compressor
Air Treamtment
Inside Rotary Screw Compressor
Inside Rotary Screw Compressor
BOGE SO 220-2 WF Air Compressor Syst


FOX AIR are Gold Partners for the outstanding range of BOGE air compressors.  

Manufactured in Germany, BOGE air compressors are renowned for their build quality and exceptional reliability. With a comprehensive selection of cost effective, energy efficient and quality compressed air systems and compressed air equipment available, FOX AIR can provide the best solutions to meet your operational demands. 

With our vast product knowledge, technical skills and experience ensures we provide our clients with the perfect air compressor formula.

FOX AIR can help select the correct compressor to suit your business requirements. Ensuring the right product selection is made from the outset, can create sustainable compressed air related energy savings in the long-term. At FOX AIR we take pride in offering the best advice and highest level of service quality to support our clients.

BOGE manufactures an extensive range of oil lubricated and oil free screw and piston compressors varying from 2.2kW to 355kW. All new BOGE screw compressors come with a FREE 5-year warranty fully supported by FOX AIR factory trained engineers. 

With services ranging from complete installation and commissioning to maintenance and after sales support, our clients benefit from a broad range of capabilities;


All Manufacturers covered


Product videos availabe for BOGE air compressors. Click here

  • Screw Compressors

  • Piston compressors

  • Oil-free Compressors

  • Class 0 High Speed Turbo Compressors

  • Scroll Compressors

  • Breathing Air Compressors

  • Airtelligence High Efficiency Compressor Control System


  • Air Dryers

  • Filtration

  • Oil-Water Separators

  • Receivers

  • Pipework

  • Heat Recovery


FoxAir also supply a complementary range of compressed air equipment, from filters and dryers, to condensate management equipment for a wide range of manufacturing processes and industrial applications.


  • Supply of New and Reconditioned Air Compressors 

  • Installation & Commissioning 

  • Energy Saving Advice

  • Service & Maintenance

  • Warranties

  • Breakdown Cover

  • On-site and workshop based factory trained engineers



The BOGE S Series Screw Compressor offers maximum reliability, high efficiency and trouble-free maintenance. Whether with oil-injection cooling or oil-free, frequency-controlled, belt-driven or directly coupled, these award-winning robust compressors represent a major progression in terms of noise insulation and power consumption. The revolutionary design concept of the S series offers first-class levels of super-silent performance with maximum efficiency guaranteed. 

FoxAir provide full BOGE installation and service packages (2.2kW to 355kW) custom-made to suit your application. 


The BOGE C Series Screw Air Compressors are designed to operate reliably and safely when large volumes of compressed air are required. With innovation constructed at its core, the C Series compact oil-lubricated compressor offers unrivalled levels of performance whilst maintaining low energy running costs. Available free standing, receiver mounted, and integral dryer options with pressures ranging from 8, 10 and 13 Bar (2.2kW to 22kW).


BOGE piston compressors offer impressive performance, even with frequent load changes and continuous operation. These benefits are further enhanced by long service life, simple maintenance and excellent value for money. BOGE Piston Compressors are available Oil-free or Oil-lubricated, with operating pressures between 8 bar and 40 bar. Available super-silenced as standard these compressors to be positioned close to your workstation.


Modern, energy efficient compressed air systems can quickly generate potential energy savings between 30 to 50 percent. The entire lifecycle of a compressed air system is much more than simply the initial expenditure – energy costs make up 75 to 90 percent of total costs.


By examining the available opportunities to improve the efficiency of your compressed air systems and pipework, FoxAir can help ensure lower long-term expenditure, with a return on capital investment quickly realised. Improving compressed air energy efficiency is cost-effective and provides assurance that your ISO 14001 environmental continuous improvement commitment is maintained effectively. With BOGE effilence airend and BOGE high efficiency IE3 and IE4 S Series air compressors you can save energy and help preserve the environment.


During the air compression process a high percentage of energy is converted into heat. Modern and efficient air compressor systems ensure that this energy is not wasted. Up to 94 percent of the heat generated in the compressor can be recovered. It can be routed to a suitable part of your company’s premises or used in the form of hot water. With BOGE compressors, heat recovery systems can significantly improve energy efficiency. Please contact our technical team for further energy saving advice and recommendations.

Contact us for more information on our Air Compressors Supply and Installations Services.




At FoxAir we provide highly qualified and dedicated site teams that specialise in compressor maintenance and servicing, ensuring your air products function to their optimum performance levels. With our extensive knowledge and experience, our manufacturer trained compressor service engineers can support your business and the demands placed on your air systems’ integrity.

FoxAir provides comprehensive fault diagnosis and service & maintenance schedules for all types of compressors and air related products in accordance with clients’ requirements and manufacturers recommendations. Our engineers can also examine compressors and air systems for insurance inspections, with recommendations and corrective action plans given where necessary, ensuring compliance is maintained with the latest Standards and statutory regulations. 

We provide complete turnkey packages including major compressor overhaul, refurbishment, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and after sales support.

At FoxAir we can schedule planned maintenance programmes for all your air system servicing and inspection needs, which can be individually designed to fit around your operational requirements. All compressor manufacturers are included, therefore, reducing breakdown risk and maximising compressor life and productivity.

Our clients benefit from a broad range of capabilities within the following areas;  


  • Manufacturer trained engineers

  • On-site and workshop services  

  • Diagnostic test equipment

  • Servicing and maintenance for all makes/manufacturers of compressor

  • Extensive range of OEM parts stocked 

  • Air end refurbishment and upgrades

  • Emergency Breakdown Service

  • Comprehensive customer care programmes available

  • Contract Service and Extended Warranties Plans tailored to suit all applications

  • One off services and repairs promptly completed


  • Screw Compressor

  • Piston compressors

  • Vane Compressors

  • Oil free compressors

  • Breathing Air compressors

  • Marine Application Compressors; Hamworthy; Sperre


  • Pipework Installation

  • Air Dryers

  • Filtration

  • Condensate Management

  • Compressed Air Treatment

  • Safety Valve Testing

  • BA Air Sample Testing

  • Compressor and Air Systems Insurance Inspections

Contact us for more information on our Air Compressor Service and Maintenance Services.

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